Szilagyi Balazs in Debrecen Hungary

In my hometown, Debrecen Hungary

Hi, my name is Balázs. I currently live and work in Hungary, but I think in the digital age your physical location is becoming less important every day (click on the link if you want to see Hungary on the map).

I’ve been working as an entrepreneur since I was 20. I have 3 successful blogs in Hungary (a food blog, one about SEO and the third one about my 1.5 years in the US), so I thought it was time to enter the deep water – start blogging in English.

I decided to make all my online experiences public. If you follow me, you’ll be able to not only start and operate a blog, but attain a constant high number of visitors from various sources. This being accomplished, your blogging efforts will not only be some self-entertaining, time consuming activity, but you’ll be visible by people of your mindset, and who knows, maybe make a decent income from your blogging.

The skills I can help you with the most are blogging (or writing à la mode of 21st century), installing-using-tweaking your WordPress site, and getting real visitors to your site.

Good luck, and don’t forget to download my free eBook on how I got 2K visitors per day with one of my blogs (enter your email in the upper right corner)!