Meta Description Definition

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Meta description definition

What is the definition of meta description? Where can you find it on your website and how to set it to your SEO benefits?

If you are doing anything online, chances are you bump into the expression Meta description. You might know that it’s extremely important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but maybe you have no idea what this expression means at all.

Meta Description Definition

A meta definition is a hidden element in all pages of your website that summarizes the content of that page in a few sentences.

A meta HTML element is a metadata, an information about data. HTML is the language that describes your page’s content to browsers and online robots like search engines. So a metadata will provide data about your page and will never be displayed on the page itself.

And that’s it. That’s what meta description means. But how can you use this to your advantage online?

Using Meta Description

The trick lies in meta description being a metadata. That is, it’s never displayed on your page. So if you’re a beginner online, or have no SEO knowledge, you might not even know there should be a meta description on your web page at all.

Yet meta description is extremely important for online success. This is the snippet that’s displayed in search engines (SERPs), so your would-be visitors actually base their decision of clicking or not clicking through to your website on your meta description. SERP Meta Description

How your meta description will appear in the SERPs

How To Check Your Meta Description

To check your actual meta description on any of your pages, do the following:

  1. Load your page in your browser.
  2. Press CTRL+U (CMD+U on Mac) to see the source code.
  3. Search for “description” (you can search by pressing CTRL+F).
  4. You should see a line with <meta name=”description” content=”&8230;.
  5. What comes after “content” is your actual meta description.
Meta description source code example

Tip: If you don’t find this in your source code, or there is no data after “content”, you don’t have a meta description set for that page. Fix it immediately.

More Tips On Meta Description

Check out my meta description knowledge base by clicking on the link to find out more about how to use meta description.


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